Activities and Amenities


Fun Things To Do

Tri Birches Resort is a great place for your family to enjoy vacation!

we have many oppertunities for exploration and relaxation at the lake: play at the beach, kayaks, canoe, nature walks. 

We look forward to haveing other family fun like Tye-dye Tshirts and family movie nights as our guests are interested. 


Our Game Room

Our We have new construction to expand our game room area into a community and multi purpose room! We will continue to house the  ping pong table, an arcade style game that plays 39 of your favorite games, and foosball and look forward to more- crafts or rainy day activities

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About the Area

The town of Hackensack (and the surrounding area) comes alive every summer. There are numerous places to eat, ice cream shops, grocery stores, and bait shops to fill the needs of any vacationer. Hackensack is also the home of Paul Bunyan’s sweetheart “Lucette Kensack”. Come enjoy “Sweetheart Days” in July. But you dont need to wait for summer- there are year round events.  Hungry? Hackensack has places to dine in or get food to go!


The Bear Pause theater has 4 screens and, of course, movie popcorn. Built with the movie viewer in mind with state-of-the-art seating, Bear Pause Theater is just one more way to have fun in the Hackensack area!

Other Area Attractions

  • Paul Bunyan Trail
  • Deep Portage Conservation Reserve
  • Chippewa National Forest
  • Itasca State Park


Game Room *** under construction

new space is Under construction! The Ping pong table, an arcade-style game that plays 39 of your favorite games, and foosball Will be housed here, and more to be added

Paddle Boards

There are two available to use 

Swingset and Playground

Sure the kids love to swing, but so do the adults!


With swim raft, slide and room for sandcastles!


Simple fun tossing the shoes 

Out door chess

Enjoy Chess outside, play against your family or start a casual "make a move" game as you pass by our games garden


Weather around the lake or at some of the nearby National Forest Trails there is a space to trek about.

PUTT PUTT Billards

A billard like set up to be played with golfballs and putters.





TriBirches Resort

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